Scholarship for Harvard and Cleveland University Hospitals

Dr. Felipe Cerci was awarded the "International Preceptorship Program" by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. He got a scholarship to choose the locations for refining his training in Mohs surgery.

The chosen locations were two outstanding centers in Mohs surgery in the world: the Massachusetts General Hospital (leading hospital affiliated to the Harvard University) and Cleveland University Hospitals. In Cleveland (October), he was mentored by Dr Jeremy Bordeaux, and in Harvard (November), by Dr Victor Neel.

 The "International Preceptorship Program" awards one professional every year, and choice is based on curriculum analysis, as well as on a written interview. Dr. Felipe Cerci was the first awarded professional from South America.

Scholarship for the World Congress of Dermatology in Italy

Awarded the “Rising Star Scholarship” for participating in the World Congress of Dermatology, held in Milan, Italy. The selection was based on the papers forwarded to the congress by the scholarship applicants. Dr Felipe Cerci sent 3 papers on Mohs surgery. June 2019.